Introducing Kim Stark: Bridging Hearts and Careers in Social Care 

Hey there, I'm Kim Stark, your down-to-earth ("and not to be underestimated!" - Editor) social care specialist recruitment consultant who joined the Recruitment Panda team on their exciting journey in January 2022. With a genuine passion for delivering results and a knack for making a difference, I'm here to share my story of growth, impact, and success. ("She's been absolutely smashing it!" - Editor). 

Thriving in the Panda Family 

At Recruitment Panda, I've discovered my professional haven. The supportive family vibe here isn't just a catchphrase – it's a way of life that fuels my drive. Amidst our close-knit team, I've found a place where authenticity and collaboration reign. In this boutique recruitment consultancy, we're not just making placements; we're forging enduring relationships built on trust.

Embracing Change 

Every day, I thrive on the dynamic landscape of recruitment. Unpredictability fuels my innovation, making every moment a chance to adapt, excel, and reshape careers.

Balancing Success and Compassion 

Success is my goal, but it's not my only drive. Personal experiences, like my grandad's journey, have infused empathy into my role. I'm not just making placements; I'm impacting lives and making good money on the way. 

Learning for Growth 

My dedication extends to learning. I'm pursuing the Certificate in Recruitment Practice (CertRP) to enhance my expertise which I will complete in October 2023. Armed with this, I'll shape even more careers with newfound knowledge. 

Beyond Work 

I cherish time spent with my two circles of friends – the vibrant party-goers and the family-oriented companions. Whether I'm belting out Taylor Swift hits at karaoke, relishing a slice of pizza, or soaking in the sun on a beach holiday, life's moments are meant to be celebrated.

Join me in crafting a brighter future in social care. Whether you're a candidate or client, let's make connections that matter and achieve success, together. 

Kimberley Stark

Recruitment Consultant

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