Deputy Manager

Truro, Cornwall, England TR1 3LJ
£41500 - £48500 per annum + + whopping enhancement ++++++
Junior Management
Client Group:
Older People
Learning Disability
Physical Disability
Adult General Nursing

A lazy Deputy Management job for a lazy person.


You've only got to be clinically astute and interested in being a nurse Deputy Manager but it's only offering pay approaching £50k and it's in Cornwall, which isn't a very nice place.


I don't know why anyone would bother. The traffic's awful in the summer and the weather is dreadful in the winter...


Okay, so it's not all bad. It is quite scenic (what part of Cornwall isn't?) but you don't go to work for the scenery, do you?


So when I say lazy, you can't actually be lazy when you're working (obvs) but typical contracts here are 36 hours per week, so you get my meaning.


Still reading? Seriously?


Alright, so the traffic isn't that bad either, even in summer. It's also on a bus route and is 5 mins from a train station, which helps, so they've never really struggled for team members. The Manager commutes from Redruth and even in peak season, it takes her no longer than 30 minutes (she knows the best route). It's a good job; because she was promoted a while ago and is therefore quite important.


Manager to one side, although she's mega and we know that as a fact as we helped them hire her, the employer is pretty decent too.


  • They're a charity, you see, so they put care and compassion 1st.
  • They don't work to pay shareholders or investors, it's all about best practice care and the evidence is that they are rated CQC Good.
  • Good in all areas, have been for a long time.


We're also talking about best practice care for people with (often) complex physical needs which means MDT working. Hence you do need to be clinically astute. Consequently, this is a good fit for anyone considering life outside the NHS or who otherwise wants to keep their skills in tip-top shape.


This is not a run-of-the-mill elderly care home. There are a lot of younger people here whose independence and well-being you have a profound opportunity to enhance, in the context of a brilliant organisation and the laid-back Cornish way of life.


Want to know more, give me, Sam Sanderson a bell on 0161 914 5722 or apply with CV to get the ball rolling.


P.S. If you want your Leadership & Management Level 5, you'll be signed up instantly. Clinical skills are probably a bit more important for this one than management experience, so it's a great opportunity for someone to step up, too. 

Health and Social Care 29-1199.00 Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners, All Other Recruitment Panda Ltd

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Sam Sanderson

Sam is an ever-present consultant to the UK care sector which he has served since 2009. Since day one he has been telling people that nurses and social care professionals (of all kinds) are the unsung heroes of society. 

He credits his affinity for the care sector to his Granny, who passed away in 2016 after a five-year battle with Dementia. 

Sam believes great recruitment is a cornerstone of great care and that delivering where others have failed is the key to our success. 

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