Meet Ruth Walster: Orchestrating Excellence in Recruitment Administration 

Introducing Ruth Walster, a seasoned Recruitment Administrator with a wealth of HR industry experience and a heart deeply connected to the world of care homes. Ruth's journey is a testament to her commitment, aspirations, and passion for making a difference. 

A Ten-Year HR Odyssey 

With a career spanning a decade, Ruth's expertise within the HR industry shines brightly. Her remarkable journey saw her achieve her coveted CIPD qualification during her role as Senior HR Administrator at the illustrious 'Kendals', the flagship Manchester store of the iconic House of Fraser. 

A Heart for Care Homes 

Having witnessed her own father's battle with Alzheimer's, Ruth's perspective transcends the professional realm. The vital role of care homes in providing expert care became evident to her, fueling her aspiration to play a part in connecting these remarkable professionals with their ideal environments. 

Behind-the-Scenes Excellence 

Ruth serves as the essential cog in the wheel, offering indispensable administrative support to both directors and consultants within her team. Her attention to detail, organizational prowess, and dedication to keeping the gears turning smoothly demonstrate her commitment to enabling success at every level. 

The Architect of Administrative Excellence 

Beyond her nurturing roles as a married mother of two, caretaker of four feline companions, and a tortoise's trusted friend, Ruth provides indispensable administrative support to the directors and consultants within her team. Her meticulous attention to detail, organizational brilliance, and unwavering dedication contribute to the seamless functioning of her team.

Ruth's story is an embodiment of dedication, empathy, and a commitment to making a lasting impact. As she continues to weave her administrative magic, her journey serves as an inspiration to those who recognize the immense significance of every detail and the heartwarming connections that drive the world of recruitment. 

Ruth Walster CIPD

Recruitment Administrator

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