Introducing Charley Maxwell: Elevating Social Care Recruitment with Passion 

Greetings, I'm Charley Maxwell, your dedicated Senior Recruitment Consultant with more than 2 years of empowering experience in the realm of social care having joined the Recruitment Panda team in August 2021. Join me on my quest for continuous learning, tangible results, and impactful connections in this dynamic field.

A Journey to Success 

My path has been focused on learning and achieving results. With more than 2 years of experience, I've honed my skills and navigated the social care sector, earning the honour of being promoted to the Senior Consultant role in August 2023. My commitment to excellence drives me to consistently surpass expectations.

A Champion at Recruitment Panda 

Recruitment Panda isn't just a company to me – it's a haven where I'm treated as an equal, valued for my contributions, and encouraged to flourish. Nestled in the vibrant hub of Altrincham, I'm in a sweet spot that combines convenience with the perfect blend of tranquillity and vitality.

Connecting with Purpose 

One of the many things I cherish about my role is working with professionals who are both serious and human. The clientele I engage with are serious about their work, but they also understand the importance of authentic connections. This creates an environment where I can truly be myself and build relationships that matter.

Learning for Progress 

My passion for learning extends beyond my role. I've delved into professional copywriting, and my journey in acquiring languages is an ongoing adventure. Welsh has been a valuable asset in my role, while my pursuit of Spanish is a testament to my eagerness to broaden horizons and connect with diverse cultures.

A United Passion 

In the realm of sports, my heart belongs to Manchester United. The thrill of the match and the camaraderie of fellow supporters enrich my life. Just as I'm committed to victories in my professional arena, I relish in the excitement and unity that the sport brings.

From Lifting Weights to Lifting Careers 

The gym is another realm where I push boundaries. As a heavy lifter, I'm accustomed to smashing personal bests. The thrill of achieving goals translates seamlessly to my role as a consultant, where I relish surpassing targets and orchestrating wins that benefit everyone involved.

Join me in this journey of growth, impact, and authenticity. Whether you're seeking to fill a challenging vacancy or are on a quest for the next career step, let's collaborate to create solutions that yield triumphant outcomes for all. Together, we'll build bridges, create connections, and champion success.

Charley Maxwell

Senior Consultant