Recruitment Consultant Trainee Graduate

Altrincham, Greater Manchester, England WA14 1EP
£18000 - £25000 per annum + +comms, bonus, incent, shares, health
Worker Bee
Client Group:
Older People
Older Persons Mental Health
Learning Disability
Children & Young People
Autistic Spectrum Condition
Physical Disability
Adult General Nursing

Ever thought about becoming a Recruitment Consultant?

Recruitment Panda are building a new tribe of trainee's under one of our most long-standing and successful team members. He's a bit of a celebrity in Health and Social Care in the North West and across Wales and he's a thoroughly nice bloke.

If you might like to train under an expert, joining a growing boutique recruitment consultancy with a phenomenal track record and an exciting new business plan (in brand new offices in the fabulous town of Altrincham), here's what you should know before applying...

1. It's a fantastic thrill when your client hires your candidate, everyone is happy and you earn a ££££ fee.

2. A career as a Recruitment Consultant comes with other perks. All expenses paid trips at home and abroad are commonplace, as are weekly and monthly competitions for other rewards, such as bonus holiday days and other nice little prizes.

3. To create interviews that earn fees you will need to persuade companies to let you work for them and people to let you represent them as candidates. Most will not succeed. You need several candidates for each vacancy.

4. You need to face that reality every day to organise enough interviews to hit your targets.

5. These things make it quite 'salesey'. Not everyone finds the targets easy and not everyone is comfortable with the 'pressure' of this reality.

If you understand the above and still think being a Recruitment Consultant may be for you, the next indicator of success is your professionalism. How professional are you? How professional can you be and how adaptable are you?

For example;

  • Are you always on time?
  • Do you always do what you say you're going to do?
  • How responsive are you?
  • How proactive are you?
  • How trustworthy are you?
  • How do you present yourself?
  • i.e. Do you dress to impress? Do you adapt your communication style for your audience?
  • How does the idea of speaking with company directors on a daily basis make you feel?
  • Maybe you are used to speaking with company directors?
  • Do you put your career ahead of other aspects of life sometimes?
  • How do you manage other people's expectations of you?

These are just a few of the questions we'd like to know the answer to and if you are prepared to answer them here's what you can expect in terms of reward.

With a few exceptions, where a sales track record exists and personal circumstances allow high degrees of dedication to the work, in your first year, you will likely earn a modest amount. Not much more than a basic salary.

Typical clients want recruitment consultants who know what they're doing, which can make it hard for new consultants to win the best vacancies and earn the biggest fees.

In your second year, you'll probably earn about the same as the UK's average wage (£29.6k, not bad for a trainee).

In your third year, if you have continued to improve your practice, taken all the lessons on board, overcome your doubts about your ability and the job itself, you are likely to earn 50% more than the UK's average wage. You will also have clients who come to you as a first choice and candidates who know who you are before you know who they are. You will also have competitors who want to steal your clients and also your candidates.

We will train you to and help you on the job to overcome the challenges, to maximise the opportunities, and to do so consistently.

After that, we can help you achieve double the national average on your own or treble the national average and beyond, by taking on new markets and building a team around you.

That's about all you need to know.

Everything else is about whether you like us, we like you, whether we can reach an agreement about pay, if our office location suits you and if the realities of the above suit your lifestyle and ambitions.

Please apply for more info. We'd love to tell you more about our business plan at interview.

Good luck.

Health and Social Care 29-1199.00 Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners, All Other Recruitment Panda Ltd

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Sam Sanderson

Sam is an everpresent consultant to the UK care sector which he has served since 2009.

He credits his affinity for the care sector to his Granny, who passed away in 2016 after a five year battle with Dementia.

He believes great recruitment is a cornerstone of great care and that delivering where others have failed is the key to our success. 

Sam has been telling people that nurses are the unsung heroes of society for years and continues to develop Recruitment Panda through the expansion of our UK coverage. 

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