Recruitment Consultant Experienced

Altrincham, Greater Manchester, England WA14 1EP
£20000 - £54720 per annum + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Worker Bee
Client Group:
Older People
Older Persons Mental Health
Learning Disability
Children & Young People
Autistic Spectrum Condition
Physical Disability
Adult General Nursing

Recruitment Consultants never move sideways. Bollocks

  • For all the work you take home, you deserve flexibility, like regular working from home, bonus working from home, early finishes and bonus annual leave.
  • You also deserve some take as well as give for all the hours you put in - like time in lieu for every minute of work you do when off duty, including during lunch.
  • If pay, particularly basic salary hasn't increased proportionally to the new targets you've been given, as you exceeded the last one, or worse, if it's capped (temp consultants get particularly shafted on this one)
  • If you get sick of KPI's which don't seem to be used for anything constructive
  • Perhaps you see money (your hard-earned revenues) being wasted on faddy technology
  • If you want to ditch the bitching, colleagues or managers do your head in or rules are none existent or not put into practice
  • You've found yourself tempted by the bigger salaries inhouse but are uninspired because 1. The idea of having one client and no choice of what roles you work sucks or 2. Working for the man never appealed to you in the first place, you're an entrepreneur, a business person at heart; and inhouse is just another hampster wheel, then...

Think again.

Recruitment Panda fixes all of the above and offers 2 commission structures. Each one is tailor-made for people at different stages of life.

Planning to get on the property ladder? We've got you covered. Want to max out overall earnings potential? We've got one that places you right up there at the top of the industry.

Everything you've just read sits within our Freedom Framework, a unique package of incentives, flexible working arrangements and other schemes which make us unique. Uniquely flexible and uniquely rewarding for you.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who wants to join a professional family and earn a serious stake in a business.

We're a family business with family values like loyalty. We don't fail fast. This is recruitment, failure is not an option but we do learn fast. The main benefits of being part of a family business are that we all know we are in it together and we can safely fall out with each other. Nothing important is brushed under the carpet or glossed over because we are building something beautiful.

Above all, we believe in doing what we say we're going to do and respect for each other and our clients and candidates.

Until the end of November 2022, drop us an application and we promise to call you; or give us a call in the office to find out more.

If you have 2 straight years or more with one recruitment company in a 360 Consultant's role, have made money and live within commuting distance of Altrincham, we guarantee to call you back unless you've had more jobs than hot dinners.

What's actually worse is willful ignorance, like when people don't consider there are opportunities to make a positive change out there.

Think I'm talking bollocks? Give us a call and make your own mind up or don't. That's life. That's recruitment. Don't be that person. Apply now.

Recruitment Panda - Employers Who Care

Health and Social Care 29-1199.00 Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners, All Other Recruitment Panda Ltd

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Sam Sanderson

Sam is an everpresent consultant to the UK care sector which he has served since 2009.

He credits his affinity for the care sector to his Granny, who passed away in 2016 after a five year battle with Dementia.

He believes great recruitment is a cornerstone of great care and that delivering where others have failed is the key to our success. 

Sam has been telling people that nurses are the unsung heroes of society for years and continues to develop Recruitment Panda through the expansion of our UK coverage. 

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